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Christian Men Inc. & Ensure America, LLC
Announce Collaboration on the…
“Get Your House in Order / PRE-NEED-
Financial Literacy Project to Alleviate Poverty

John Glover, Chairman and CEO of Christian Men Inc., and Reginald Williams, Managing Partner of Ensure America, proudly announced today the strategic partnership on the Get Your House In Order/PRE-NEED Financial Literacy Project. Glover stated the need to provide a comprehensive financial literacy program that educates men and boys about money will help to alleviate poverty. Williams agreed and stated that a strategy to eradicate poverty and create generational wealth that is under-used in our community is life insurance, burial trusts, and “PRE-NEED” coverage for the death of loved ones. Both men agreed this partnership is the first step to eliminate poverty and create wealth in our community.

  • CMI and EA recognize that Black and Brown men who are considered “poverty stricken” are most likely without any coverage, resulting in increased financial hardship for the family. This fact is simply because there are insufficient family financial resources to cover final expenses resulting from the death of the loved one. Returning citizens or incarcerated individuals are also eligible.
  • CMI and EA will engage the Community Press Corps to identify and promote sponsors and supporters of the GYHIO program. The three target communities are: the business community, the at-large community, and the faith-based community.
  • CMI and EA will also utilize a “focus group” as a strategy to understand why the community does not engage “Pre-Need” coverage or life insurance as a strategy to mitigate poverty resulting from loss of a family member. The findings will help to craft an innovative and appropriate pedology for maximum effectiveness.
  • CMI and EA will capitalize on each member’s immediate family through “financial and entrepreneurship literacy” education and training to ensure their family member have coverage.
  • Ensure America, LLC (EA), founded in 2013, has more than fifty years of industry experience coupled with the best products for our clients and is poised to become the foremost “senior-focused” career agency in the nation.
  • Ensure America can be contacted by email:; or visit our website:; or by phone: 800.476.1713
  • Christian Men Inc. (CMI), a 501(c)3, is a Not-For-Profit with compassion and empathy to fuel the outcome of sustainable, transformational impact on the lives of Black and Brown men and boys, ages seven to eighty.
  • Christian Men Inc. Corporate and Foundation Sponsorships, general donations, and contributions to support the GYHIO PRE-NEED project are 100% tax-deductible. For more information, please contact John Glover via email at or by calling 267.314.7729.

For more information about, or to participate in, the…
Get Your House In Order /Pre-Need
Financial Literacy Project to Alleviate Poverty
Please email or call 267.314.7729

May 1, 2020 Reported by:
Community Press Corps
“100 Positive Media”
Call Asaph at 302.751.0076


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