John Glover

John Glover is the Chairman and CEO of Christian Men Inc. (CMI), an intergenerational, mentoring and development program for men and boys, ages seven to eighty. CMI is based in Philadelphia, PA. and is a, faith-based, 501(c) 3, IRS recognized, Not-for-Profit organization. He is also the founder and and co-creator of the, 3 Generation Initiative (3Gi) and co-creator of “Get Your House In Order” Financial Literacy Education and Business Training and Soaring to Success Growth and Development two programs designed for Black and Brown, men and boys.

John Glover received his Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix and he has served as formal servant leader of the deacon ministry, and presently serves as Deacon at the Enon Tabernacle Church, where the Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller serves as Senior Pastor.

Past achievements include serving as finance chairman for the new sanctuary project completed in 2006 of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church. John Glover spent seventeen years of employment with the City of Philadelphia in the Mayor’s Office of Community Services. The tenure covered responsibilities of evaluating a foster care program and serving as a master trainer for a fatherhood program. He developed a business in Port-au-Prince, Haiti that raised both poultry and pork for the country.

John Glover, was former Vice-President of the National Baptist Laymens Movement (Northeast Region). John Glover believes that in order to accomplish goals in the local communities throughout the country, there must be a pathway developed by a team approach that have the same objective and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and share resources to meet established goals.

About CMi

Christian Men Inc. (CMi) is an intergenerational mentoring and development program to help build men and boys, ages 7-80. It focuses on building Black and Brown youth, adults, and seniors, in seven areas of life: Faith, Family, Finance, Career, Civic, Health, and Personal Development through its, Soaring to Success program…

CMi Vision Statement

To advance a legacy of empowerment for future generations through transformative partnerships and collaborations within three communities: the business community, the at-large community and the faith-based community.

CMi Mission Statement

The mission of Christian Men Inc is to build strong Black and Brown, families and communities, by empowering boys and men through instruction, intergenerational mentoring and positive development to help facilitate poverty alleviation, create economic empowerment and build generational wealth.

Three CMi Objectives

Poverty Alleviation

Economic Empowerment

Generational Wealth


Community Press Corps™ (CPC)

The Community Press Corps™ (CPC) Media Ambassadors focuses on capturing, curating, and broadcasting only, “100% Positive Media” through the CMi network, to “Tell Our Story.” The CPC will share the many positive activities and events being created by Black and Brown, individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, community and faith-based organizations.

Soaring-to-Success© (s2s)

The Soaring-to-Success© (s2s) program and series of classes are holistic, innovative, and transformational. The Soaring-to-Success podcast-classes provide online (and selective on-site) access for interested individuals.

Sponsors & Partners

People, organizations & businesses who support Christian Men Inc.




CMi Sponsors Help With


The “Get Your House in Order” Financial Literacy Education & Business Training Program helps to reduce poverty, by teaching about money, finance and entrepreneurship by partnering with business, at-large and faith-based community organizations and enterprises, for present and future projects and activities.


The Get Your House In Order, Soaring to Success and the Community Press Corps Media Ambassadors represent Christian Men Inc. programs and resources available to grow, develop and empower economically, CMi members, individually, their families and their respective community.


The CMi membership business model, creates an environment where youth, adults, and seniors can learn from each other by engaging in the various online programs, within their respective community. It is this twelve (12) member, intergenerational approach that helps to produce and build a generational legacy for each family and community.