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The 3 Generation Initiative(3Gi) helps to stimulate small-group dialogue whuch develop relationships among youth, adults and seniors.

It is the glue for all CMi membership, benefits, programs, activities, events and services.

Also, each 3Gi small-group determines the goals and objectives of the group and they choose which CMi programs activities, services to engage. This is vital to the growth and development of each memberm and to the team.

"Get YOUR HOUSE In Order"

Financial Literacy Education – Business & Entrepreneurship Training For Individuals – Entrepreneurs – Community & Faith Based Leaders

"Soaring to Success"

Family > Finance > Career > Civic > Health > Personal > Faith

"Community Press Corps"

Courses, Classes, & 100% Positive Media

"Rightnow Media"

"$1,000 Guaranteed Pre-Need Life Insurance Plan"