The manUP Leadership Conference – 2Days Left to Register

Hurry Up! Only two days left to register for the 3rd Annual Leadership Conference Virtually. COST is FREE…RSVP is REQUIRED! To get your ticket today go to the CMi website: And why not get a ticket for another brother. Thank you for your support.

One Day Until the 3rd Annual MANup Leadership Conference

Only 1 day until the 3rd Annual MANup Leadership Conference (1 pm to 3 pm) starts. Get your ticket today! And why not get a ticket for your brother, father, grandfather, uncle, nephew, or the brother down the street. COST IS FREE… RSVP IS A MUST! To register go to:

A Major Shoutout to our MANup Leadership Conference Sponsors

CMI wants to give a major shoutout to our 3rd Annual MANup Leadership Conference sponsors. Through their support, CMi is able to multi-stream this event on other social platforms. Use the link below if you would like to view the conference. It starts today, Thurs. Aug. 26 at 1 pm and ends at 3 pm. […]

CMI Says Thank You to the Participants

Thank You for Your participation in the 3rd Annual ManUP Conference! Either as a attendee or workshop participant, it is sincerely appreciated. We also want to thank our sponsors, Johanna’s Education & Counseling Center ; Switchboard Live and Eternal Financial Solutions Their respective support enabled made this a successful conference. Please support […]

2 Ways You Can Support CMi

Here are 2 ways you can support CMi, Which one works for you? There are more ways to come. In the meantime, go to our website,, and let us know how you choose to support our effort. Thank you in advance.

How Can You Support CMi, in Our Effort for Poverty Alleviation

How can you support CMi in our effort for poverty alleviation, economic empowerment, and generational wealth for men and boys of color? Here are two ways, What works for you? Go to for more info. Also, visit “LIKE” follow, comment, and share our page. Email to contact CMi directly. Thank you in advance for your […]

Rock Solid Finances – Financial Literacy Series

Here are two more ways YOU can support the mission of CMi. Select which works best for you. Also, remember to enroll in the GYHIO – Rock Solid Finances” Financial Literacy series. 1st class begins Nov. 3rd. Register at:…/rock-solid-finances…Also, remember to “LIKE” comment, and share our page. Thanks.


Do YOU answer YES to any of the following: Yes I want to be able to take care of my family financially; Yes I want to be out of debt and become financially free; Yes I want to be able to create generational wealth for my family; Yes I want to be in position to […]