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Soaring to Success – Family

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The God Guarantee: Discover the Secret to Always Having Enough!

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Black Founders Fund

Streaming before it was cool Connecting with a community of Black founders influenced me dramatically. Being around other Black founders who looked and talked like me was extremely uplifting. In most cohorts for startup mentorship, I am rarely in the company of other Black-led startups, if any at all—a challenge that we discuss at length […]

Celebrating the success of Black founders

February is Black History Month—a time for us to come together to celebrate and remember the important people and history of the African heritage. Over the next four weeks, we will highlight four Black-led startups and how they use Google Cloud to grow their businesses. Our second feature highlights Zirtue and its founder, Dennis. Specifically, […]

A Major Shoutout to our MANup Leadership Conference Sponsors

CMI wants to give a major shoutout to our 3rd Annual MANup Leadership Conference sponsors. Through their support, CMi is able to multi-stream this event on other social platforms. Use the link below if you would like to view the conference. It starts today, Thurs. Aug. 26 at 1 pm and ends at 3 pm. […]